November 10, 2009

Stories From A Blue Notebook

It's been awhile since my last gig. It's been that long that my strings rusted. No time and money to buy a new set, I will still be playing tonight until my fingers bleed.

I will feature tonight my latest songs, all written in my blue notebook. I will be intimate with you on how these stories were made. It has 7 chapters.

These stories speaks about a Mountain Top and why do we have to be there in the future. About a girl's crazy feeling that I ask her why Would You Just Let Him do all those crazy things to her. About the feeling living in an Empty House. A wake up Hey Love call. About how tired it is sometimes that I need you to Carry Me. About a magical journey Towards Heaven. And a simple song about girl named, Faye.

I will be speaking more about these stories at Club Vibe tonight. See you all there.

October 8, 2009

I Need a Cellist

I've been witnessing gigs around the local circuit for years now and I can hear about the same sound between our local bands. Not exactly same sound or tone of course, I can hear distinctions between bands though.

I'm planning to showcase my songs with a full-band soon, but I want to sound a little bit more different. So I think adding the warm yet edgy sound of a CELLO will do the trick.

So if you're a cellist, or happen to know one, write something below.

September 5, 2009


Cattski is the man (aw, woman)!

August 27, 2009

Lasallian Open Mic Night

Aug 31. It's payday in the metropolis. But it's also a night dedicated to all alumni of ASMS/C.

Calling all Lasallians!
Let's come together for a night of music and/or poetry, and a lot of chit-chats in between.

If you were once always onstage back in the HS days, or you may never have performed in our prestigious BTCC, then this your chance to go up onstage and perform.

Aug 31, Monday, is an Open Mic Night exclusively for the alumni of Andres Soriano Memorial School/College. If you want to perform solo, or in a band, or want to read some of your homemade balaks (haha) just text me in advance so I can prepare the program: 09186040775.

Please do spread the word. I just think it's a great idea to come together for a while, have some pizza and beer, and hang out.

August 18, 2009

Praise JC

I got another chance to organize a Christian gig. So I invited again the artists who have been to my shows before.

Handuraw Presents: Praise Jam City. Featuring Cebu's Christian bands and artists:

Andy Calope
Skul of Fish

Friday 9pm
August 21

Free Admission.